A Unique Opportunity for Change

It is ours to win

We can't miss it

In honor of our parents who sacrificed everything for an independent and free Algeria

Envision Algeria 2040

Where every Algerian has a chance to thrive

From Vision to Reality

How to Get there

Have a Strategy

Knowledge-based economy that connects academia to business , government and society at large

Secure the Basics

  • Rule of Law
  • Transparency
  • Checks and Balances
  • Inclusion of Diversity
  • Values

Change Attitude

  • Empower people to act
  • Learn from best practices and prior mistakes
  • Accept and give feedback
  • Make informed decisions
  • Chose the right people for the right job

STEP by step

  • Rebuilding a country is long, laborious, intimidating and daunting
  • Everyday we don’t do it is an opportunity lost forever
  • Everyday we don’t do it is a step back

there is no Miracle

  • We all need to roll up our sleeves, use our brain, have faith and just do it
  • Our parents destroyed colonization, we can rebuild the country
  • It is hard but so is life. No pain, no gain

Together, we can rebuild Algeria

one person at a time

one institution at a time

one sector at a time

Rebuilding Algeria Strategy

Horizontally, per individual across society

Mass outreach program to change the culture

Vertically, per institution, per sector

Mass collaboration platform

Rebuilding Algeria Collaboration Platform


What is your expertise area? How can you help? What is your goal?


What problems are you facing?  What is your desired outcome? What else can you tell us about your challenges?


What is your life goal? What is your career goal? short term ? long term? What drives you? what is your background?

one person, one institution, one sector at a time


Agriculture, Fishing,


Agriculture - Fishing - Trade - Energy - Industry - Environment - Tourism - Business Climate - Entrepreneurship - Funding - Markets


IoT, IA ML, Big Data

Health Care

Preventive care,


Business eco-system - Entrepreneurship - Funding - Markets


Currency Exchange


Processes - Checks and Balances -


Roads - Bridges - Dams


Public Transit - Air Hub - Rail System


Leadership - Program Management - Knowledge Management - Change Management


Branches of Government - Constitution - Local Government - Central Government - Elections


Cyber Security - Data Privacy


Online University

Get the support you need to access classes from top universities

Social Media Live Classes
Popular University

Learn various topics in Algerian darja

Pilot Projects

Teaching and learning by doing


Building the winning ecosystem

do you believe we can do it?